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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Rock Band Vs Vampires (Clockwork Heart Productions Ltd in association with Abbas Films Ltd.)

I have to admit that I was more than a little intrigued when Malcolm Galloway, writer and director of Rock Band Vs Vampires contacted me this week via the fifth Dimension Facebook page and suggested that "I hope this might be of interest".My first thought was to think that his statement may be something of a bold and presumptive suggestion, after all many things come my way from all sorts of creative and enthusiastic people wondering if their work might be of interest. So I thought I would test this bold and risky proclamation from Mr Galloway.
I'll be honest in that I simply loved the concept of the name of the movie, Rock Band Vs Vampires from the very moment that I heard the name - but that doesn't mean my interest will be peaked any further than that. After all, it's all well and good having a fancy catchy name for ones movie but plot and characters are fairly important too. So after Malcolm went on to very kindly ask if I could do a little something to help promote his venture I thought the only sensible thing to do would be to find out more first...... and what better way to do this than one of Fifth Dimensions world famous interview-type features?

Malcolm Galloway - annoyingly talented
(FD) Ok Mr Galloway, tell me a little about yourself - and make it interesting!

(MG) I am the Writer/director/producer of Rock Band Vs Vampire. I  was the pathology consultant to ITV/Carnival Film's Murder On The Homefront, and am the lead singer/songwriter of internationally broadcast rock band Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate. I'm also having a go at acting – playing the role of singer William May in Rock Band Vs Vampires.

(FD) Hmmm, so you're one of those multi-talented people that get on my nerves with your drive, ambition and talents. Fair enough - anyway that's enough about you for now. Tell us all about this movie.

(MG) "We are making a feature-length comedy-horror film Rock Band Vs Vampires. Jeremiah Winterford, an old-school vampire, has had his mansion burned down and most of his clan killed by a rival. He is persuaded by his PA to move temporarily to Camden, the heart of the London music scene, to turn new acolytes. Sorcerer's Tower, a local unsuccessful prog-rock band find themselves invited to headline at the re-opening night of Angelfish, a Camden venue now under new management..."

(FD) Tell me more about this Jeremiah character - he's not one of those bloody annoying sparkly Vampires is he?!

 (MG) Jeremiah Winterford is an old-fashioned vampire who finds himself awkwardly out of place in a modern world. Forced to move from Winterford Manor following a torching by his vampiric rival Jako Van Zyl, Winterford and his surviving acolytes find themselves making a new home in Camden (London's musical capital). Where better for a vampire to hide in plain sight?

(FD) OK, sounds fine so far. What makes you think that you are qualified to include the London music scene as part of the plot? 

 Rock Band Vs Vampires is based on my experiences playing with a rock band in Camden (Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate), London. It is fairly autobiographical, apart from the bits with vampires, and the orgies.

(The rumour that my ears immediately took complete notice of what Malcolm was saying at the word 'orgies' have yet to be confirmed in the presence of my lawyers......)

(FD) So what has been happening recently with the filming?

(MG)  We are currently planning to film a scene where the band are trying to record a serious music video, but the manager insists on adding ninja strippers, leading to a row, This takes place on 24 November, in London. We'll also be doing a green-screen vampire semi-beheading and a few stunts on that day.

Yes people, that is indeed a removed testicle.....
(FD) Er bugger, that's today then. So i can't make it down from Scotland in time for that. OK, what about the future plans?

(MG)  Rock Band Vs Vampires is currently in production, and due to be completed by Summer 2014. Rock Band Vs Vampires is an independent comedy-horror feature film intriguingly combining the worlds of vampires and Camden’s music scene.

(FD) If you could sum up in one tag line your movie, what would it be?

(MG)  Shaun of The Dead meets Spinal Tap with a hint of Python.

(FD) Bugger, that sounds pretty good. Give me a quick name check of some of the places we might see in the movie

(MG) It will be filmed on location in iconic London rock venues, including The Underworld in Camden, and Hoxton’s Underbelly.

"Ok, who lost the testicle?!"

(FD) I bet you could tell me that there are some other annoyingly talented people involved in all this?

(MG) DOPCo-director/Editor – Raed Abbas. Raed is a Kuwaiti film-maker. His feature film Cut is currently in post-production, and is one of the first Arabic language action/horror feature films.The cast includes Dani Thompson, Gyles Brandreth, Guy Barnes, Loren Peta, Faye Sewell, Jake Rundle, Vauxhall Jermaine, Blue Jigsaw, Sophia Disgrace, Frankie Mae, Ami Lloyd, Chris Smith, Dick Carruthers, Amy Jaxon, and Malcolm Galloway.

A selection of information about member of the cast follows, thanks to the materials sent on to me from Malcolm. Any cast or crew member that isn't included is simply due to the fact that I need to finish this blog entry soon and get a glass of wine - so apologies to anyone I offend.

Once again, the rumour that you should pay special attention to cast members such as Dani Thompson, Faye Sewell, Loren Peta and Kasey Sfestsios plus other memorable acolytes should only be repeated in the presence of my lawyers.....

For more information about the movie you can find it here at


Faye Sewell (Anna Winterford - 
 – Faye has recently been Natalie Portman’s double and running down hills. She was born in West Sussex, grew up in Ireland, and trained in Los Angeles. Her first lead role in a feature film was in 2010’s horror film ‘Sparrow’.

Dani Thompson (Angelica Black) – Dani is a London based actress and TV presenter. She was born in Australia, but grew up in Norwich. She studied at the International School of Screen Acting. She has starred in many horror films, and is the producer and writer of ‘Serial Kaller’ (horror feature film in post-production). She has previously appeared as a model in all of the leading UK lad’s mags.

Loren Peta (Pixie Coldwell) – Loren is an actress, model and TV presenter, and former Australian soldier.  She is also  leading the production team for Rock Band Vs Vampires. She has previously featured in music videos (including the Arctic Monkeys and short films, including the award winning Badgergeddon.

Blue Jigsaw (Nephanaia)

Kasey Sfestsios (Eve Delacroix)

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