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Sunday, 24 November 2013

My Neighbour Dave (Sick Bunny Pictures) - A micro-short Independent horror film.

It's a welcome return for me in this blog edition to the wonderful and exciting world of UK independent film making. This week the spotlight falls on two separate and very different ventures; the first blog entry is a micro-short movie from some previous acquaintances of the Fifth Dimension and the second, a feature length music/comedy/horror production........I'm nothing if diverse in my selections.......

Some time ago I wrote a little piece on a fabulous micro-budget independent horror flick 15-05-08, which was produced by Nottingham-based low budget horror company, Sick Bunny pictures, founded by brother duo Nikki and Jason Chatwin.

Nikki is the writer/director/camera having a background in art and film education making many short films prior to the sick bunny banner.  Jason's roles include editor/camera with a background in music. So when Nikki asked me this week to have a look at their latest production I was intrigued to see if this fledgling company from the midlands were just a one hit wonder or whether they had produced another interesting piece of work.

Hmmm, let's see shall we?

My Neighbour Dave is a brief introduction and Character profile of Dave (Dave? no kidding, I hear you say) and is a persona that the company may well develop further in the future. At just 3 minutes and 53 seconds it gives the viewer the first glimpse of a what appears to be a very ordinary unremarkable young man, Dave. He looks very ordinary, dresses very ordinary and lives in what seems a very ordinary suburban house. We are introduced to this example of a beige suburbanite just as he collects a beer and sits down to watch some probably ordinary TV programme - what is it? The latest celebrity shenanigans, a music talent(less) show or possibly a some sporting activity where overpaid prima-Donna's throw themselves about and feigning injury in the name of football? Well no, because it seems that our friendly neighbour Dave has an appreciation of somewhat darker viewing material - in this case, something called 'Devils Farm - Hunted down by Satan's Minions'. Well OK I hear you say, there's nothing wrong with having a taste for horror and gore - after all, that very taste is what brought me to write such things as this and for you dear reader to read such things as this - so who are we to judge?......

However, Judge we may have to do. For it immediately becomes apparent as we watch the apparent off-handed and somewhat disinterested way that Dave seems to be viewing the violent material. When his girlfriend rings him up part way through the horror flick we immedialtey see that his disinterest isn't reserved just for the DVD he is watching, he doesn't seem particularly interested in what she has to say either....

Soon we see that that in fact Dave's beige and ordinary persona masks a more insidious and sadistic nature as we witness the parallels of what he is watching as we see the 'guest' that he has prisoner in his cellar..........

I love the way that viewing this made me feel uncomfortable and in some ways almost question myself about watching material of a horrific nature and what it really says about ourselves. Is the need for watching violence and horror just a way of reflecting doing with our own basic fears and horrors , a way of facing those fears through a harmless visual format? Or for some people is it possibly masking our very real desire to experience the very horrors that we watch? I'll leave that up people far more qualified and knowledgeable about the human condition than me to talk about that. 

All I will say say is that I enjoyed this initial character study of someone who is clearly enjoying the felling of teasing another human being to the point of sadistic pleasure. The clear message in the film that he sees people (or possibly just women) as no more than an animal to torture and exploit, for nothing less than curious pleasure is a theme that I would watch more of. That knowledge makes me very uncomfortable - and I like that it does that. 

At 3.53 mins in length we don't experience much, but what we do see fills me with hope for a future visit to Daves house. The film may be short, but once again as in 15-05-08, the lighting, camerawork and build up of tension is first rate.
My Neighbour Dave can be found on Youtube right HERE - Have a look at it and see for yourself.

Sick Bunny Pictures can be found on;
Twitter: @SickBunnyPics

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